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Thinking Spaces

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Thinking Spaces

In the learning behavior of Look, Think, Act problems often come from getting trapped in a Look, Act, Look, Act cycle, instead of the more resilient  Look, Think, Act cycle. This is often appropriate for a professional as Thinking is so embedded that it feels like "second nature."  But when the environment changes rapidly, "thinking as second nature" often leads to sub optimal results.  The  challenge is carving out thinking time and space in a busy stressful day.


Information has become relatively inexpensive and widely accesible. Focus and time to think have become the limiting constraint. An online thinking space can help by eliminating the need for physical space and being accessible whenever some time becomes available.


As professionals, our thinking has to be embedded in professional practice.  Our current professional practice is focused on the problems of learning in the traditional education space. We also have an ongoing focus on the learning problems of the printing industry.



Produced by others, sometimes with Josefowicz Asssociates comments in bold and underlines

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Printing Industry

Produced by Josefowicz Associates

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