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Student Exhibtions

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years ago

 Possible dates and themes for School Wide Exhibitions


Exhibitions can be many forms 

  • on the web
  • in the buIlding,
  • at outside venues,
  • book publishing parties.


The Ancient World - Civilizations and Religions (4000 BC to 500 AD)

October 1


Expanding Zones of Exchange and Encounter (500 to 1200)

November 1


Global Interactions (1200 to 1650)

December 1


The first Global Age (1450  to 1770)

January 4


Unit Five - An Age of Revolution (1750 to 1914)

February 1


A Half Century of Crisis and Achievement (1900 to 1945)

March 1


The 20th Century Since 1945

April 3


Global Connections and Interactions

May 4






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