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A Sandbox is a great place to play.

While it is generally understood that play is a child's way to work, sometimes work can be an adult's way to play.

I like to play/work with ideas using PBWiki.com. I gathering whatever interests me, primarily my own untested thoughts  + whatever I find interesting on the Internet and publish them for a readership of one. Later, when I am inclined to revisit them, I go back as a "reader".  Sometimes I get lucky and can separate whatever wheat there might be from the considerable chaff.


This website, josefowicz.pbwiki.com started as a wiki. If you would like to find out how it's done, josefowm@gmail.com.


Here are the thought experiments going on in my pbwiki sandboxes


This is my base of operations and the messiest of all.



And then there are:


The challenge is to make the reality of governing as compelling as the make believe of politics.



A venue for excellence for students.








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