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CTE Contract

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Josefowicz Associates LLC Proposal 

August 2007

Standards and Project Based Professional Development  

Josefowicz Associates LLC (Department of Education Vendor Number  113575606) will create school based teacher teams to implement projects as listed in the Proposed Project List below.

Duration of engagement. 10 Months:  August 2007 to June 2008.

Cost:  Website and one project:$25,000, each additional project @ $8,000 

All printing costs and professional design expenses, if necessary, are not included.

Payment is due on a pro rated monthly basis.

Terms of engagement and outcomes


Mentoring and project management will be delivered by the most appropriate combination of on site and on line communication, based on the needs of the project and the time constraints of the school based teams. Face to face meeting time would be scheduled for Common Plannng Times during the regular school day. For the first three months of engagement, 2 Common Planning Times per week are necessary. As the school based teams take root, additional face time workshops would be scheduled as needed.


The technology of project management are Web 2.0 communication tools and Print 2.0 printing tools including, but not limited to  email, wikis and on demand digital printing techniques, as well as the JA Pub Center On Line Project Management and Wiki2Website.

There is no cost for software during the engagement period. The only infrastructure necessary is access to the Internet.


Staff will adopt internet communication tools and gain experience in leading standards based, project focused teams. Students will use internet communication tools in pursuit of academic and extra curricular goals. Administration will have access to the tools to get timely information about their school communities and efficiently send messages to those communities.

Moving to a learning community

As a by product of increased transparency, timely data will be available to help make better decisions about resource allocation. Evidence based resource allocation can predictably lead to improved student outcomes. As a by product of increased access to timely information sharing, the various school communities will be able to build on successes and create practical new knowledge.

Project List

Project 1: Student Interning Opportunities

Due:   ASAP and ongoing

Team: To be formed

The process:

1. Josefowicz Associates will contact their networks to establish a bank of interning opportunities in business.

2. We will work with Cyrano.org to create a bank of interning opportunities in non profit organizations.

3. Standards and processes will be established with the school development team.

4. Opportunities will be publicized to students through the School Community Web Site

5. Internships will be mentored and monitored through appropriate communication systems.

6. The school counselors will be asked to be part of the mentoring teams.

Expected Outcomes:

Providing accesssible opportunities for students to engage in real life work situations should provide incentives for greater student engagement.

Aligning the needs of real world job opportunities with the realities of the classroom experience should allow each context to inform the other.

Mentoring the students through their internship will maximize their learning.

Project 1a : School Community Website

Discussion prototype available for viewing

at http://chelseasandbox.pbwiki.com/Soho+Communication+Arts+Academy

Due:   Version 1.0 ready for Fall 07

Team: Mr. B, Volunteers to be identified,


1. JA will collaborate with administration and teachers to prioritize web functionalities and create an upgrade schedule

2. JA will get version 1 ready to launch in September 07

3. Some of the Common Planning Time will be allotted to showing teachers how to update and use the site.

Expected Outcomes:

1. A website to give the school visibility to outside stakeholders.

2. A new focus for communication between admins and teachers.

3. A method to collect and store students work and portfolios.

Project : Book Publishing Events

Due:   Late October to coordinate with Parents Night

Team: Ms C, Ms A, New Ninth Grade Teachers

The process:

1. The ninth grade classes would be introduced to a class wiki, where they would write about their plans and their interests.

2. JA and Ms Caba would monitor the writing.

3. Ms Apellaniz would develop profiles of students from a social service point of view, to proactively focus on students' problems.

4. The stories of each student would be presented at Common Planning Times - both in print, and on the website.

5. Some of the face time of Common Planning Times would be used to discuss and focus on the ninth graders.

6. Meanwhile, students would be continued to be engaged at the wiki to prepare the writing for publication.

7. Memoirs would be published and a school wide publishing party would be held before or in conjunction with the first parent's night.

Expected Outcomes:

1. A publishing party to which parents and community can be invited.

2. The link to the wiki would be part of the developing community website. This will attract attention from teachers to the website. If teachers see how the website can be useful to them, we will build the participation that is necessary for long term success.

Project :  Global Studies Exhibitions

Due:   Exhibition on line or on site every month

Team: Ms T + Global Studies Teachers

The process:

1. Potential art projects will coincide with units of the Global Studies Curriculum, concentrating on the 12th grade.

2. Using the Common Planning Time and the community website, these projects would be offered to classroom Global Studies Teachers.

3. Project would be executed in class or in art class or on line as most appropriate.

3. 8 Exhibitions, one for each of the units in the curriculum would be mounted at Chelsea.

Expected Outcomes:

1. Evidence to test the hypothesis that through Art, students will be more engaged with Global Studies. The hypothesis is that increased engagement will result in more 12th grade students doing well on the Global Studies Regents.

2. Research to develop a practical  model of how to integrate creative artistic activity with Standards Based instruction.


















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